Run your rhythm

CLIENT – Asics

Boutique Artists called and said: “There is a project with Marc Hayden for Asics coming…” – and they had us at Marc Hayden.

We have been faithful followers of Marc’s work and have been saying we would love to work on a project together for a while now. Positive manifestation anyone?

Having no idea how incredibly intricate the project would be we threw ourselves into it and listened carefully to Edelman’s team discuss all the aspects of this project.

To enhance the idea of a bouncy shoe that works to your rhythm we were to consider a vinyl record environment for the runners and product to run on. After a very detailed prep, some incredibly insightful tests by Marc and a lot of meetings and calls with the post production house we were ready. Juggling from a product shoot to a full action one we are so proud of the results. Can’t wait for more…

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