It’s ok to say

Continuing with the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure we have been invited to help produce a reimagined video for the message “It’s ok to say”. Sye Allen came back to direct the film and with the help of an incredible crew we created a conceptual scene of an office space and examples of complex events of people potentially doing things that can jeopardise the security of important information and ultimately inviting the viewer to be vigilant but also compassionate to their coworkers.


Think Before you link

Another interesting and unusual project that AML Group came to us with was this very cinematic video for Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure.

We have joined an already strong team from the previous project lead by Matt Kebbell (Head of Film at AML Group) and Sye Allen ( a Director who produced the first video in this campaign).

The production was taken into full force and with close collaboration with the client, agency and the production team we have created a narrative to help individuals in sensitive positions understand the risk they might be under when connecting with people online. We hope you like it and hope we get to come together for a few more.

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